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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Open Course: Public education - antibiotic resistance

Following a thread on HIFA on Antibiotic Drug Resistance here is an additional item:

Hello, I’d like to explore the opportunities for HIFA to help promote a new online open, short-course that we have produced specifically for the public, ‘An introduction to antibiotics and drug resistant infections’. We have recently launched this free resource, and it has currently now being used in 70 countries, with a high course-completion rate, and more than 93% rating it highly. Consequently we are keen to provide as many opportunities to help people become aware of this online course, for which they can get their free certificate of completion too.

I’d appreciate any advice and direction to promote, and whether it can be promoted through HIFA too.





Dr Roger Harrison (PhD)
Senior Lecturer in Public Health
Division Lead for Social Responsibility
Chair ‘Action on Antibiotic Drug Resistance: One student, one campus, one world’.

Division of Population Health, Health Services Research and Primary Care | School of Health Sciences | Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health |The University of Manchester | C4.6 Ellen Wilkinson Building | Oxford Road | Manchester M13 9PT.

Skype rogerharrisonuk