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Saturday, June 20, 2020

30 Years of Progress: Nursing informatics and Nursing theory

Going through some papers I found some notes written in the 90s:

Allan Curtis a clinical services manager described the experience of setting up a 24 hour information service to a hospital paediatric hospital service.

Creating a system using Sensible Solution (a database package), Curtis noted how:
"The intricacies of programming were more difficult than I imagined."
Problems occurred when the school of nursing changed its adopted model of nursing, some information was then either redundant or incompatible.
"Although it would be nice to redesign the program to take account of such changes, it would take too much time - and money."

I do not have the article and a search failed to locate the full reference. I am assuming the link above is the 1980s-90s database package in question. When able to visit a university library I will update accordingly. It would be interesting to see if the model of nursing and the change was noted and any reasons. I'm sure they were? The point for me are the divides in skills, academic - service settings, finance and the status of 'models of nursing' (care). There is also the extent of change in programming and information systems. What is now referred to as 'the development stack' is far more powerful and yet more complex and complicated.

Curtis, A. (1990) Nursing Times, February 28, 86, 9, pp.69-70.