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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Podcast part 1: available at last....!

I've an audio file that I feel passes for muster. I've tried to inject some animation and enthusiasm, which is not easy at 0000 hours. Anyway - thanks to ccPublisher and the Internet Archive you can now download it if you wish.

In the podcast I mention that it will run for just under 30 minutes. In the end it's actually 31:33.4 - not too far out. There are no bells and whistles (thank goodness), no fancy opening music.

There are three files provided (a learning package?):

1. The podcast itself in mp3 at 30MB 128bit.
2. The podcast notes including my responses to the two questions posed.
3. A powerpoint summary of 10 slides.

At 30MB it is a large file, but it will I trust reward your patience. As I'm writing this I've just noticed that ccPublisher has also created a 64bit version 15MB, plus Ogg Vorbis 22.2MB (Open Source).

I've checked the files (except for the XML & OV) and they download fine.

If you find the podcast of help please let me know, especially if it proves useful within education. Wherever you are working, if Hodges model appears to offer something to you get in touch.

Part 2 will follow in due course, after I complete that other project...

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