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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Podcast part 1: delayed but ... this weekend!?

Well it's November and no podcast. Yes, mention was made of October, but I did say don't hold your breath. There are two test audio files at 27 mins and 25,000k that I can point to, so very nearly there except that the microphone stand (hey this guy's serious!) got in the way of my foot. Should be fully cooked and served this weekend, if the walking windmill can stand still...

I have to get part 1 through the door sharpish because I need to finally nail the Serres-Hodges paper. I've to reduce the current version from 8k words to between 5-7k when completed, which MUST be at the end of the month. To support this effort I'm reading 'Small Places, Large Issues' by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, excellent introduction to social and cultural anthropology.

Before I go (and gargle) the Idea Factory did the job in terms of my getting on board with Skype. I now have a working internet phone - at least the test call worked. It was easy to install too.

The event also rekindled a potential research question I've wondered about for many years. A question that like Hodges' model grows in relevance each year - more to follow ...

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