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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Assen NL + Northern England CHE group Oct 13 Rivington Park Arts, Horwich

Sunday 0500 last week arrived home from Assen, Netherlands with Matt and Lawrence my son's friend having attended the Assen cycle Tour. It really was an international field and they really flew. Some unfortunately more than others.... The first race Matt came off!! - scaphoid # so we got to see the Dutch health service at work and very impressive too. Thanks to the staff at Wilhelmina Hospital - great job (I notice the TT circuit also keeps them busy). Closing my eyes while waiting for the Radiographer (like you do) Wilhelmina did not sound like a hospital. Excellent attention to the 'hospital' environment - the colour, some nice curves, the signage was spot on too.

At the close of the holiday-cycle tour the sunset at Calais was beautiful.

Returning to the human ecology thread, I can confirm that the next Northern England CHE group event will be on Saturday 13th October 11-3pm at Rivington Park Arts. The group would like to thank David Ruaux for providing us with a room and facilities.

The theme for the meeting is well-being and I'll post more details nearer the time. Leave a comment or e-mail me through the website and we will add you to the mail list.

Well I'm getting to know my ready-made case-load. It really does not feel like I've been away some 2.5 years. This is what Hodges' model was born for and it's great to get the therapeutic juices flowing again. I've not yet stabbed anyone (injections!), but that won't be long. Actually, I think any delay here is positive evidence that injections and medications are used much more carefully now; especially with older adults and they are reviewed regularly. A trend that has been in train for many years.

Speaking of trains - wonder if it will be clear tonight and in the early hours...?

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