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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Help for NHS.jobs and job hunters with standard file names

NHS.jobs is a marvellous web resource. Once you have entered your personal and career details you can save time and focus on what matters....

One thing I've noticed is that should you download assorted 'job descriptions', 'person specifications' and other essential guidance the files become meaningless when listed.

Browsers and operating systems do behave differently, but on my PC extra characters are appended to differentiate one 'jobdescription.doc (or pdf)' file from another.

There must be a way to define a standard across the NHS (and dare we suggest the social care sector)? Then prospective job-hunters can see from the file name the organisation, the job title, closing date or other combination of details? Given the redundancy in our language(s), the need for equality (in access) it would not take much to achieve this?

There are some points of note: what's the shelf (directory!) life of these files? "If you have not heard from us within four weeks of the closing date then please assume your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion."... Plus, the semantic web and an intelligent file system may overtake this problem and perceived requirement, but until then...?

Even if only gifted a recommended convention, then perhaps this could quickly emerge as a standard, because it makes a difference, affords an early advantage in the 'market place' and assists everyone.

Surreal door handle
As the demographic squeeze tightens its grip this might even help HR departments, students, returnees, and the middle-aged-mid-career-crises-smitten.

Until then NHS.jobs and job hunters can only handle the files they 'receive'.

NHS.jobs does very well in helping to open doors... in the meantime I'll keep knocking ... and anyway what date did I save that person spec?

Image source: http://www.ectomo.com/index.php/2007/08/24/hand-door-handles-by-naomi-thellier/

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