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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

(Legacy ...) UK NHS Connecting for Health: Services and Systems

It is surprising what you can find behind an interface 'tab'. In doing some homework around e-Health, I came across this listing of 'Systems and Services' on the Connecting for Health website. It is a great springboard for exploration. Although public sector ICT is frequently the subject of media ire this listing brings home the complexity, diversity and scope of the ground breaking work that has and is being done. Add to this listing the 'research and development' effort also being undertaken elsewhere and despite the current economic climate there are some things to smile about.

Connecting for Health NHS title

Alphabetical: A to IAlphabetical: J to Z
  • Addressing
  • Blood safety tracking pilot
  • Capability & Capacity
  • Choose and Book
  • Clinical Dashboards
  • Data Services
  • Demographics
  • Deployment support
  • Education, Training and Development (ETD)
  • Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
  • ePrescribing
  • GP Support
  • Health and Social Care Integration Programme
  • HealthSpace
  • Implementation
  • Independent Sector Healthcare Programme
  • Information Governance (IG)
  • N3 - The National Network
  • NHS Care Records Service (NHS CRS)
  • NHS Gateway
  • NHSmail
  • NHS Number
  • NHS Strategic Tracing Service (NSTS)
  • Pathology Messaging
  • Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS)
  • Professionalising Health Informatics (PHI)
  • Registration Authorities and Smartcards
  • Research Capability Programme
  • Spine
  • Secondary Uses Service (SUS)
  • Systems & Service Delivery

My source: Connecting for Health