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Friday, April 10, 2009

Data sharing, privacy, health, citizenry.... "Database State"

In February (2009) I ventured that the degree of sensitivity that members of the public ascribe to their personal data is undergoing quite a change. This change is not without its own chaotic dynamic since the change is one of general laissez faire, until an individual finds themselves 'wronged'. Then watch the litigation flow. That initial laissez faire attitude may please some in government as it makes it easier to introduce yet more data farming, gathering, and harvesting legislation and join up what are usually (or should be) disparate data repositories.

I don't read the gutter press and 'lighter' forms of reading, but the exposé in such publications that include - as per the market 'requirement' - very personal data, information and knowledge must have an influence on how the populous view their own data? For health and social care professionals of course they had better continue to hold 'personal data' in the 'highest of esteem', especially in these digitally conjoined times.

Last month The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust published a report "Database State" calling in question the legality of several public sector databases. The response to these findings is awaited. ...

Statebook logoMeanwhile the website Statebook seeks to parody and yet make a point about the changing data times we live in. Whilst in response to such a critique there are calls for independent oversight, the difficulty lies in ensuring such bodies are not dentally challenged....

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