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Monday, January 18, 2010

Marathon, half-marathons and other journeys

In 1984 a holiday in Athens brought with it the opportunity to visit Marathon. As a cross-country runner at school Marathon had always held a magical place in my mind. It did not disappoint either. Although I did not exactly follow in the footsteps of Pheidippides, the journey from Athens to Marathon was an experience in itself using the bus. And now - is it really 2,500 years since he made that journey?

Now there are many other marathons run the world over.

On the 21st March The Fresh Air Fund in NYC are having a half-marathon. As many of our readers are USA based and perhaps around NYC this may just be the spring well-being event for you?

Seriously, there are half-marathons the world over and Running Diary is one site that can help find one near you. Slightly closer to home for me the Alderney Half Marathon & 10 km Fun Run looks and sounds a great event. Walking or running wherever you are of course just getting out and about helps. In the meantime all the best to the Fresh Air Team, indeed all runners (and cyclists) everywhere!

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