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Sunday, January 31, 2010

International Leprosy Day

Fighting for a Just Cause
Sunday 31 January 2010

How would you respond if, because of a disease,
your family no longer wanted you to live at home?
How would you feel if, because of a disease,
your husband or wife wanted a divorce?
What would you say if you lost your job
because of an illness that had no impact on your ability to carry out your work?
What would you do if your children were no longer allowed to go to school
because of your ill health or disability?

These situations may sound remarkable, unbelievable even, and yet these are real situations, faced by real people everyday. They happen just because the person has leprosy.

TLM-UK: In 2010 The Leprosy Mission is focusing on Nepal to celebrate World Leprosy Day. At Anandaban hospital, patients not only receive medical care, but staff also help them begin the slow process of emotional healing and release. The hospital's projects include medical treatment and surgery, counselling, education support, housing support and small business loans.

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