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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday: W2tQ is Four! #h2cm #w2tq

Welcome to the QUAD [W2tQ] appeared four years ago today.

It started very slowly with just three posts between April 2006 and August. The annual post totals are:

2010 - 69 (so far)

2009 - 183

2008 - 180

2007 - 138

2006 - 28

Unfortunately, the plan to feature comments (this is supposed to be blog) came unstuck as back in 2006-2008 spam was an acute problem on blogger. The spam situation's much better now, but in re-installing comments the template I've adopted is proving problematic in some cussed ways. I could change the template and try again, but all that takes time ....

Although 'devoted to' Hodges' model (h2cm, the health career model), three broad themes have emerged:
  1. nursing, health, global health, public health, policy, politics
  2. informatics, technology, sociotechnical, visualization
  3. education, nursing education, academia, conferences, curricula
Let's have a look at a selection of tag-label counts:

Hodges model 150, care domains 45, definitions 41, reflection 21
  • nursing 80, health 45, global health 54, older people 39, public health 36, policy 93, politics 59
  • informatics 213, technology 62, sociotechnical 44, visualization 27
  • education 131, nursing education 9, academia 24, conference 61, curricula 18
Surprises (if any) include:
  • Drupal 52
  • economics 38
  • aptitude 4 and attitude 15 (good to see them there, I stress these constantly with students)
  • public mental health 38 (Still so much to do!)
I realise informatics is a great personal interest, but not to the extent of 213 posts. Of course, if I am helping to publicise conferences and these are faintly, just a tad bit technical then they are usually tagged informatics too.
  • dementia 26 and mental health 45
As I work in mental health and the care of people coping with dementia and their families is an ongoing part of my daily work these tags could figure more. This blog is not solely focussed upon work.

I would like to think that the blog and its posts point to the future also, by way of:
  • research 89
  • concepts 23 conceptual spaces 21
  • references 12
  • h2cm community 28, h2cm website 38
It was only last August that I added the bibliography to the blog, and as mentioned there if you can add to the list of publications please get in touch.

So as I close this post, to go light the four ;-) candles on the cake,
may I say a big -

Thank you!

- to all W2tQ's readers and supporters.

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The post totals and tags above are subject to change as some posts may be deleted, tags merged...

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