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Monday, April 12, 2010

Paper: The health career model in forensic nursing

The other week a paper was submitted to a journal on the application of Hodges' model in forensic nursing.

I am really pleased to have worked on this as a co-author and to find the health career model proving its relevance and value in such a challenging care environment.

Basically we divided the work and the paper as follows:

  • Introduction to Hodges' model (new material);
  • Explanation of why the model is relevant in forensic mental health services;
  • Applying key principles of theory and practice of forensic care to each care domain;
  • Discussion, recommendations and future directions.
Of course, this is just the 'submission' stage, so I will share news and details here in the near future - for now it's fingers x'd! If you believe the above 'content formula' might be useful to you as a publication template please do get in touch: h2cmng AT yahoo.co.uk

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