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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holistic bandwidth (and the dangers) of political care

The attack on MP Stephen Timms here in the UK highlights not only the ongoing importance of personal safety for public service personnel, but how much politicians value their constituency work. It is no accident that these sessions are called "surgeries".

The politician meets not just a citizen, but a political obligation and duty to care. In the media reports it was interesting to hear of how much satisfaction MPs get from their constituency work. Listening to the reporting and debate prompted me to realise that although politicians vary in how well they engage and empathise with their constituents the problems they are asked to deal with covers a broad holistic spectrum. Consider this listing written by Tony Wright MP:

  • The education system
  • The transport system
  • The social services
  • Health services
  • Housing
  • The environment
  • Government bodies
  • The justice system
  • Immigration and asylum
  • Finances and employment
  • Trade unions
  • The media
I am a community nurse five days a week.

Our MPs are community politicians one day a week with 'Constituency Friday'.

So to The Rt Hon. Stephen Timms (and his staff) I wish you a speedy recovery and congratulations on the extent of you and your peer's constituency work.

Holistic in a word and deed.

Congratulations also to the Green Party on the success of their leader Caroline Lucas MP.

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