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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nursing: Art and Science ... Fra Angelico to Leonardo

I arrived in London at noon in preparation for the Higher Education Academy mental health SIG meeting tomorrow at King's College, which includes a presentation on the health career model.

The afternoon was spent at The British Museum exhibition Fra Angelico to Leonardo: Italian Renaissance drawings

Early in the life of W2tQ visits to the Tate in London and Liverpool prompted a blog post or two.

Visiting this stunning exhibition even before I fastened and feasted on the first drawing, the subtitled walls announced the various exhibition themes and for me instantly suggested links to health care:

Drawing the father of our three arts -
architecture, sculpture and painting

Georgio Vasari. Lives of the Artists, 1568.

sculpture equates to medicine-surgery
painting to nursing
our care models provide the architecture and palette*

We all draw (model) individually in thought and reflection, these are then shared in our various collaborations and engagements, media forms and records.

Do we need a 21st century renaissance
in the study and appreciation of models of care?

Additional links:
Financial Times: Review

*Red, Green, Blue, (Black & White)

There are a few more prospective posts arising from this museum visit - time - will draw them out.

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