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Friday, July 02, 2010

Drupal musings 6: Content types - Reflection!

Does anyone have any experience in using established models of reflection in:

  • education (nursing, public health, information technology)
  • practice
  • therapy
  • supervision
  • carer support
  • eHealth
  • ... ?
If so please get in touch [h2cmng at yahoo.co.uk].

In its initial downloaded state Drupal has two content types:
  1. story
  2. and page.
The option then is to use these which would be rather limiting. Add to these two by enabling other core modules. Drupal administrators can extend the core functionality by adding other modules which provide new content types.

You can also roll your own. A key content type for the new site is one that uses the health career model to facilitate - reflection - one of the original purposes for the model.

This also provides an opportunity to adopt a model of reflection that is itself supported by research. This may be Gibbs:
  • Stage 1: Description of the event
  • Stage 2: Feelings and Thoughts (Self awareness)
  • Stage 3: Evaluation
  • Stage 4: Analysis
  • Stage 5: Conclusion (Synthesis)
  • Stage 6: Action Plan
John's Model of Structured Reflection
  • Aesthetics – the art of what we do, our own experiences
  • Personal – self awareness
  • Ethics – moral knowledge
  • Empirics – scientific
  • with its Cue Questions
Smyth’s Framework for Reflection on Action
  • Activity
  • Inform (Analysis)
  • Confront (Self awareness)
  • Reconstruct (Evaluation and Synthesis)
There are many others. ...

Once the hedgehog-headlights glare has passed, this is going to be a really interesting project. There must be a way to link one (or more) of the above with each of h2cm's care (knowledge) domains. There must be a way to create a first version that can be extended and support other content types. The possibilities are really exciting - hence the glare (reflected of course!).

Some reflection sources:



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