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Saturday, January 14, 2012

[HIFA2015] Article: Why National eHealth Programs Need Dead Philosophers

My source: HIFA2015 Healthcare Information for All by 2015 (edited)

Dear All,

Just read through this article after I received it from the PAHO EQUIDAD listserve.

I have forwarded it to this group with the hope that some of my colleagues here that are interested in ehealth can access it.
It is worth reading...please see the link to the article by Trisha Greenhalgh et al below.

Why National eHealth Programs Need Dead Philosophers:
Wittgensteinian Reflections on Policymakers' Reluctance to Learn from History

Trisha Greenhalgh, Jill Russell, Richard E. Ashcroft, and Wayne Parsons
Queen Mary University of London
The Milbank Quarterly - Volume 89, Number 4, December 2011

Available online at: http://bit.ly/vxvWJ8 


[Francis] Ohanyido
Click here to read original HIFA2015 post online.


This article is an excellent addition to the literature. It combines three of my passions reflected here on W2tQ - informatics, health and philosophy. I spent three years 2004-2007 on a local secondment to this national programme so there is added relevance and poignancy for me.
Many thanks to Francis Ohanyido & the HIFA2015 list.

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