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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alcohol: Messages in bottles, domains and anagrams

The perennial health news item that is alcohol has bubbled and overflowed this week. In 1987-88 I visited several nearby alcohol services in Blackburn, Preston and Salford with a questionnaire to compare and contrast with Chorley which at the time had no dedicated alcohol services. There was Alcoholics Anonymous AA and Al-Anon, but nothing specific through health beyond community psychiatric nurses. The project was for the CPN(Cert.).

Back then I remember a Consultant Psychiatrist saying that the level of alcohol consumption is directly related to cost. The literature I read also drew attention to historical comparisons. I think it was Alcohol Concern who supported this view and called for urgent action. Of course all that was some 24 years ago. Incredible that there is some movement in 2012. In 2007 the taxi driver from Elounda to Heraklion airport described the movement and horizontal stasis that adorns the pavements (and spills onto the roads) of Malia as we zipped by. The Brits do have a problem. A Consultant physician highlighted this from a hospital ward on BBC Radio 4 news today.

Don't get me wrong: I like an occasional drink but my enjoyment of alcohol has been tempered over the years by several experiences:
  • An early party aged 15 (and at a church social club) preloading was already in vogue. No sooner were a group of us sat at a table than someone threw up on the table. It was alcohol.
  • Biology and human biology lessons helped instil the impacts of alcohol.
  • Having to say 'goodbye' to clients with a drink problem, duly referred by their GP. I cannot support them in their drinking after several attempts to effect change.
  • Appreciating the link between drink and risk behaviours.
  • Working with people whose 'ill-health career' has seen them having to live with, but not themselves recognise Korsakoff's syndrome.
  • Seeing people over three decades who cannot be supported in the community with their family, relatively young for residential care, but given a lack of specialised facilities - there they frequently are.
Hopefully the policy turn will have a positive impact extending beyond news headlines:

Minimum alcohol price planned for England and Wales

Alcohol pricing: politics under the influence 

With the prospect of an alcohol and a new NHS information strategy in England you hope that some dots can be joined. Here are a few:

Motivation    Psychological effects
Attitudes to risk         Predisposition
Personality     Education    Vulnerability
Data     Evidence      Public health
Physical effects    Dual diagnosis
Research       Violence - statistics
Social contradictons and attitudes - 'image'
Upbringing       Cultural attitudes
 Marketing          Media
Cost per unit      Services        Funding  
Cost to health budget      Reporting
Policy   Lobbying   Taxes   Commissioning

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