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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tied to the mast: achieving anonymity

It isn't just me - is it?
Other people must have this problem.

It isn't that it's an embarrassing body problem -
although time will tell on that
- it's just Frustrating.

If you venture to write a paper for publication then the submission process usually asks you to render the paper Anon. This makes good sense: right and proper. While some scholars can spend decades on a specific problem, or project the majority of academics must be fleet of foot. Usually, they have to  chase funding, publish, publish and shift from flower to flower garnering citations and increasing aplomb. There must be exceptions I suppose, were researchers become a 'known' quantity, associated not just with particular research subject, but with a set of peers and establishments. Of course I'm Generalizing.

Here though I can't help wishing it was different - that's what this mission is all about. Trying to get other people on board, to recognize the potential value of Hodges' model in health, social care and beyond.

it is
to note that the past two days have seen over 100 

As to the anonymity bit, well I've climbed the pole, I've balanced on the beam and yet sadly this new gymnastic element the anonistic-maneuver is beyond me.

I don't want to moan, but in this case models offer no anonymity.

If I could hide I would: the long and short of it is I'm stuck ....

If it is not Brian Hodges himself writing about the model, then who is?

Now clearly I'm no Odysseus, but it seems I'm tied to this thing. This conceptual contraption. This mast.

Jokes aside though, it makes you wonder how many other innovations, worthy projects, ideas of merit, struggle against what appears to be a figure ground illusion?

You see with h2cm even when duly anonymised -  one moment we have an unknown - a personally, politically neutral entity. The next moment - ah! hold on. Now I can see who it is and hear this 4-track song.

Oh wondrous enchanted music ....

There is a way around this...!

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