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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Art and Science of Listening: the conceptual antenna


Ability to listen to oneself:


A Fractal Antenna
Active listening. 
Attending to other(s), searching for meaning. Supporting self-discovery.
Awareness of power, powerlessness, hopelessness, hope.

Governments make promises.
Do they ever listen?  
Some words are powerful by virtue of their slippery, illusory nature: engagement, Rights, freedom, advocacy, Services.

Ever since hearing of catastrophe theory (New Scientist, Open University) in the 1970s, followed by the emergence of chaos and complexity I've wondered about how chaos and complexity affect each of the care domains.

In health and social care we need a conceptual antenna.

Beyond and combining the four domains there is the additional dialogue, that is Spiritual.

Fractal antenna image source:

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