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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Slides: Social Work Action Network SWAN Conference 31 March 2012

Here are the slides from the Social Work in Action - SWAN conference HOPE University in Liverpool 30-31 March 2012. The session was an introduction to the model. I've used the same template and some of the slides from Colombia last year adding a few new ones for this audience and to reflect the SWAN conference themes. The organizers have a copy of my slides which should appear on their site. The keynote session by Professor Danny Dorling from the University of Sheffield and the main speakers were also videoed and will be made available on the SWAN site.

It is a very difficult time for public services, the NHS and social care. This was a fascinating opportunity to witness the POLITICAL care domain as a 'living entity' not as some remote, abstract thing that other people engage in and appears on the news. This year and following ... the stakes are even higher in terms of possible cuts to follow.

Any questions, other opportunities to present Hodges' model please get in touch.

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