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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book for Review: Risjord's - Nursing Knowledge - Science, Practice, and Philosophy

In order to put Hodges' model on a more theoretical and practical footing (especially as part of an extended project) I approached the publishers of Mark Risjord's Nursing Knowledge: Science, Practice, and Philosophy. Wiley-Blackwell have kindly forwarded me a review copy of this book.

My preoccupation with nursing theory, practice and informatics could form the basis of a multiple choice question:

Having an earnest interest in nursing theory, practice and informatics is:

a) a grand academic and intellectual enterprise (you're a historian, journalist and futurologist).
b) a sign of our times for ALL nurses (doh!) this is the 21st century after all.
c) a contradiction in terms.
d) a sign you are informationally overloaded, trapped in the gap.

Seriously, the effort to understand nursing, informatics and retrofit theory (conceptual spaces, threshold concepts...?) to support Hodges' model needs to be philosophically sound - rigorous. This book will help.

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