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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Visual means: Patient Status at a Glance (PSAG)

A recent HSJ came with a CHKS supported document on Top Hospitals. Page 14 considers Worldwide comparison and learning from others with three items on Patient Status at a Glance (PSAG) Boards; Developing a safety culture; and Reducing readmissions.

All are related (communication, safety, outcomes, multidisciplinary collaboration), but PSAG stands out to me for obvious reasons as it acknowledges the value of visual management, a quick heads-up overview of status. On PSAG four brief sentences note that South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in the UK has applied experience from Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle to develop PSAG in surgery.

Of course this application is focussed, being quite specific in the value of fewer nursing interruptions and a daily update for bed managers. This now contributes to making many wards more productive.

Hodges' model is a 'PSAG' of sorts, but it is more general, global in scope, summative. Perhaps it could act as a precursor to discharge?

Like the astronomer's blink comparator it could provide a before:after visual cue.

So, I wonder if Hodges' model could provide not only Patient Status upon Reflection, but Care Status upon Collective Reflection. This is vital at a time when we also need the patient and carers to be more productive in terms of supporting and sustaining their own care.

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