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Friday, June 15, 2012

RCN survey on NMC fee increase: what do you think?


BREAKING: The RCN has today launched a new survey to find out what YOU think about the proposal by the NMC to increase your annual registration fee from £76 to £120.

We oppose the move strongly, but we need to know what you think too. You answers will help shape our official response to their consultation so it's vital that you have your say.
Complete the survey now, it takes two minutes. (Alex)

My comment:
No doubt like a huge majority of the population I have personal reasons for total disbelief, disrespect in the banking - finance sector. This is in addition to the bailouts that we are ALL still paying for and it isn't over yet of course.

This NMC fee increase makes me very angry too. If you're a UK nurse you should be incensed.

As the public sector cuts continue with worse to follow apparently the pressures on nurses will increase. As a result resources will be further pinched, with short-cuts in care mistakes will inevitably follow. So the increase in costs incurred in managing disciplinary matters are bound to rise as a consequence. This is a trend that must be stopped and properly addressed now.

Now you want me to contribute to an NMC bailout?

This is no way to manage professionalism, accountability and governance. ...

I appreciate that as an organisation the NMC's hands are tied - it must seek funds to maintain its work, fulfill its role. But, please don't hold me and the UK nursing workforce hostage at the same time.

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