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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ICN Congress in Australia 2013: a symposium - you, me and another nursing colleague?

I posted previously about the aspiration of visiting Australia and presenting at the International Council of Nursing 25th Quadrennial Congress next May.

Instead of opting for a 15 minute concurrent session I am wondering about the possibility of collaborating with two other speakers to prepare a symposium session of 80 minutes. Copied below is a *draft* abstract that could be adapted to include and reflect other speaker’s motivations and interests. The word limit is 250 including title and author details. It would be marvellous not only to present h2cm at the ICN, but sharing the challenge to produce a presentation that is coherent and informs nursing theory and practice today and tomorrow.

The deadline for abstracts is 14th September so if this is going to happen it needs to be very soon; otherwise I will submit an abstract for a 15 minute session.

If you are interested please get in touch. There may be points I have missed, for example I plan on staying for three weeks. If you have a place I can stay with a teaching opportunity I'd be very grateful for your support and the teaching/learning opportunity. Please spread the word...

I know this approach is unorthodox, but this is 2012. If this does not happen next year there may be other opportunities. Thanks for listening...

Draft abstract:

A global health care model for the challenges of twenty-first century care and self-efficacy

You?, me & presenter three?

Nursing is a discipline and profession with global aspirations in terms of supporting health for all. Professional recognition of nursing has in part been gained through the development of nursing theory and models of nursing. This presentation argues the need for a global, generic conceptual framework that has relevance for all nurses and citizens. While there is a marked variation - often for good reason - in nursing curricula having a common framework can provide a foundational standard, a conceptual basis for nursing that can serve as a common currency for dialogue.

Hodges' model, a conceptual framework created in the mid 1980s is the focus. This symposium is presented in three parts. Firstly, the characteristics of the model including its structure, content and original purposes are explained. Secondly, the model is demonstrated by mapping the themes of this congress. This exercise utilises the model’s knowledge domains, namely sciences, sociology, politics, interpersonal and spiritual. Finally, a critique is provided. As I seek to listen to patients, why should you listen? What does a 1980s model of nursing offer to professionals in the 20th century? Where do the values of nursing reside in what is yet another model of care, and how can this model affirm the positive aspects of nursing, global health care, well-being and self efficacy? What directions are there for further research? Additional resources will be signposted.

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