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Sunday, July 01, 2012

New: NHS Change Model

The NHS has a new model to help deliver change, a critical objective over the months and years as new commissioning arrangements are also implemented. The introduction below is from the website, from where the components of the model are also explained following registration and this is a chat forum:

Welcome to the NHS Change Model

The model has been created to support the NHS to adopt a shared approach to leading change and transformation.  We hope to build this website further and add practical information, tools and support over the coming months.  Please tell us what you think to help us shape this model and the ongoing future work using the chat room facility.

Why do we need a change model?
Building on what we collectively know about successful change the ‘NHS Change Model’ has been developed with hundreds of our senior leaders, clinicians, commissioners, providers and improvement activists who want to get involved in building the energy for change across the NHS by adopting a systematic and sustainable approach to improving quality of care.  

What does the model do?
The model brings together collective improvement knowledge and experience from across the NHS into eight key components. Through applying all eight components change can happen. This means no matter whom or wherever you are in the NHS you can use the approach to fit your own context as a way of making sense at every level of the ‘how and why’ for delivering improvement, to consistently make a bigger difference.

NHS Change Model

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