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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blog birthdays, a missing model and history

Eight years ago today this blog was born. Last month I came across a backup of some old emails and discovered one of my first related to Hodges' model. This was while attending Bolton College for the Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 1997. I had a project to complete and in researching nursing theory came across a resource by Judy Norris then at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. There was one a model of nursing missing. I'd also visited Alberta (ALTA) twice in 1979 and 1989: wonderful holidays.

19 ‎March ‎1997, ‏‎09:28:38

Hello there.

I'm fairly new to the net and E-mail, but fairly conversant with other aspects of I.T.. I would be very interested in being involved. My E-mail is read once a week, when attending college.

Both nursing informatics and nursing theory have been keen interests for some time. Over Easter I'll have more time to explore and learn.
There is one 'model', which I don't think you have listed, although it is debatable whether it qualifies as a model - the health career model.

Perhaps I could write something up with references, and key questions?
(And also consider the list of work for volunteers.)

Bye for now

P.S. I hope ALTA is still as beautiful as I remember it.
So, h2cm became the preoccupation and now there is a small research project to complete these next six weeks, Hodges' model within the residential care sector.

Nursing theory links: H2cm Links II (any updates?)

Acknowledgement: Judy Norris
Thanks Judy for your encouragement all those years ago and with this post.

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