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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Four domain link pages updated

The four links pages are still out there and recent interest prompted a review. Given the total number of links included, it is no surprise how url domains are taken over - vape, fitness... It felt good using a links checker and finding and deleting these 'broken' sites and some that are plain dead-ends: the 'domain for sale'. There may be a few more to sort in there...

The pages are archaic in terms of approach - they are not responsive but the format is fine on a desktop and should work on a tablet. The pages started in 1997-98, you don't do this now! People search in real-time for what they need. Besides not everyone may agree with the subjects I have included and the domain in which I have placed them? What is missing?

The intention is to indicate as with another resource the potential scope of Hodges' model in the knowledge and subjects that can be encompassed. I'm not sure of the longer term future of these pages, as I look to new hosting for Drupal.

Over the coming months I will emphasise research, TEL - technology enhanced learning, e-learning and Drupal resources.

Keen to reduce the maintenance overhead, two rows have been removed and categories moved about. As a result there are a couple of 'vacant' columns in there.

In the future I need to investigate the full ramifications of SEO search engine optimization. I receive many requests offering SEO services, and to add links. Given the demanding update task if I can add a few paid links this will help me fund conference travels and studies. ...

As I return to revising my latest essay I'll let you grab a drink and browse, enjoy...(?)

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