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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Calling Dewey and the care domains

In Education for work: background to policy and curriculum Corson (1991) considers the workplace, workers, satisfaction and the constraints that operate there. From almost a century ago Dewey is cited and resonates with nursing and Hodges' model:

The result was a redesign of workplaces to lessen the constraints and to satisfy worker's desires from achievement, recognition and interest: to offer them meaningful work. For Dewey work of this kind plays a critical role in self-fulfillment and in continuing education: it becomes a vocation or a calling:
A calling is of necessity also an organizing principle for information and ideas; for knowledge and intellectual growth. It provides an axis which runs through an immense diversity of detail; it causes different experiences, facts, items of information to fall into order with another (Dewey, 1916, p.362). p.173.

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