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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Architecture and Design: 4 beds in 4 domains

'Privileged' is definitely the wrong word. Perhaps it is the advantage of experience and the passing of almost four decades and more....

Times have changed since arriving at Winwick Hospital on a bike as a student nurse for an early shift at 0655. I would  leave my bike just down a small corridor to the right of the main entrance. I don't think I locked it. Then depending on the ward allocation I walked through the red carpeted front of the hospital to the increasingly rough and seemingly lost corridors beyond.

Hospitals have changed markedly. Winwick and other asylums have gone - thank goodness.

Cockroaches, leaking roofs, two-storey blocks where when necessary the patients would carry the meals up the stairs. A charge nurse set about ensuring that the patient's were provided with proper safety equipment if there were no lifts. The dormitories were large: 40+ bedded and more. There were lockers of some description I think, but personalised clothing was still to follow in 1977.

Despite the emphasis on community care, a project that in reality is still a work in process, the need for hospital beds remains. I have worked to keep people out of hospital, to help provide crisis support at home. When beds are needed the experience for members of the public and their families is radically different today. As taxpayers we recognise the need for efficiency in design, procurement, commissioning and managing new buildings. So it is within the NHS. Visiting new modern facilities, and this includes private nursing homes, you really appreciate the benefits good design can bring for patients-residents, staff, students and visitors.

humanistic ------------------------------------------- mechanistic
My space
Private space - observations permitting/negotiated
Space to wander
Space for wheelchairs

Why is Joe staying in bed?
Why is Mary not going in the lounge?
4 Bed Multi Bed Bay c/o ProCure21+

Public space
Quiet spaces (who says?)
Dining areas
Activities room
Noise levels
Meeting rooms
Interview rooms

Public Engagement
Project Management
Value for Money

Image source: http://www.procure21plus.nhs.uk/standardshare/

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