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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Willis Report on Nursing Education [ III ]

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The Willis Commission on Nursing Education [I]
The Willis Commission on Nursing Education [II]

Having related (in part ii) some of the skill sets within the technical papers to Hodges' model what next? Well, instead of the 2x2 table, below I've included a screen capture of the quads page. This indicates the potential conceptual scope of the four care domains of Hodges' model. If the skill set listing by Watts and Gordon (2012) is succinct, the quads page is anything but. It might however drive home, the need for the Willis report and the educational challenges for nursing and other healthcare disciplines. Another common element here with Willis' findings are some of the original purposes that Hodges' model can address:

  • the theory - practice gap (Watts and Gordon, 2012, p.7)
  • curriculum development 
Just for the moment imagine picking up the curriculum? Yes, picking it up; all of it.
Can you feel it? Can you? OK well, try this (odd - Find Wally-like?) exercise:
  1. Visit the quads page.
  2. Print the page (in black and white).
  3. Make a cup of your preferred beverage.
  4. Cross out what in your opinion is NOT part of the nurse curriculum.
    • Most of these items are learned through our being socialised and during formative education (when available)?
  5. Outcomes are certainly in vogue, so what are yours in completing steps 1-4? Any surprises, frustrations; did you find the plumbing - kitchen sink and all...?
  6. If you feel there is something - important - missing please let me know.
humanistic ------------------------------------------- mechanistic

You have to hand it to educationalists and policy makers who wrestle with curricula. The very word could almost be some disorder of the posture, such are the contortions the curriculum demands. What to include, what as a consequence to remove. One thing not included in quads.htm is the hidden curriculum. Additional complications are no doubt many; I'll add just one. Such are the recruitment challenges that a Trust setting out to train their own student nurses, that is through non-Health Education England places (Hazell, 2015).

The word 'innovation' is all over the media, the HSJ, and this blog. As I read the recommendations of Willis (see emphasis in first post), the technical papers and Hodges' model I can't help but wonder about history and the potential here - and now. Especially in terms of supporting learners in their acquisition, practice and delivery of compassionate care or caring behaviour.

Hazell, W. (2015) Lancashire trust to train its own nurses, Health Service Journal, 16 January. 125:6430, p.15.

Hazell, W. (2015) First self-funded nursing course launched to tackle shortage in NW, Nursing Times, 7 January.

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