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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The profit motive and health currency

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"... They tell us that temperatures are still unbearable, that it’s consistently scorching hot. And it’s getting worse as the weather heats up. Workers are fainting every day. To cope, they use a traditional technique called “coining”, where they scratch their skin with coins to bring blood to the surface of the skin. It’s meant to relieve the stress and fatigue caused by the heat. ..."

A Kin Tai factory worker getting “coined” by a coworker on Monday.

When people are exploited and in the absence of health services and evidence-based health care information, they may resort to traditional remedies to try to solve acute health problems. When the control of the work environment is also beyond the worker's control then acute problems and risks to health are bound to follow.

My source: France24 TV English Service

Web: Cambodian workers 'keep fainting from heat' while making Armani jeans

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