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Friday, April 29, 2016

"Index Case": Do we need a new form..? ( cas index, Indexfall, caso índice, 指數情況, الحالة الدالة, सूचकांक के मामले ... )

index case
noun: index case; plural noun: index cases
  1. the first identified case in a group of related cases of a particular communicable or heritable disease.

Source: Google (and translations)

Hodges' model can map the first identified case of any disease, but just as medicine can turn a crisis around - we need a new form of 'index case'.

In healthcare we spend a lot of time managing 'caseness' and for a population casenesses. While triage is concerned quite rightly with prioritization, safety, efficiency, it also seeks to deny people caseness through gate-keeping. Alternately, for those diagnosed and meeting criteria, services then seek to assess when they are better - on the other side...

A new index case is required to respond to demographic, socioeconomic and environmental pressures. Talk, action and outcomes must be about well-being, sustainable health, strengths, health literacy self-care and recovery.

Hodges' model can facilitate this change in care philosophy, perspective and the concurrent focus of disease AND health.


For how long how we espoused person-centered care?

Health is where the person resides*.

So often disease fragments identity, memory, the person, relationships, even the whole community...

Disease is a matter for our humanity.

Hodges' model can be the index case for a person's health and well-being and how they maintain, maximize this status. This might even help us define person-centeredness. A care indices.

Being person-centered should be a index-phenomena that takes cognizance of history where this is available.
This should - must be the index case?


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