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Monday, May 02, 2016

"Model hospital": Where to find 5mins per shift? (footprints - transformation?)

humanistic ---------------------------------------  mechanistic
Mental health

8,500 beds blocked
costing NHS providers
around £900m per year

5 mins

Social care

Operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute hospitals: Unwarranted variations


delayed transfers of care

independent sector expenditure costs £482m

lack of data (still!)

Stepdown facilities

"On staff rosters, Lord Carter said he found cases in which trusts were squeezing nurses on to weekday shifts in order to make up their weekly hours, and said 
 improving productivity by five minutes per shift could save as much as £280m." (p.11)


Model - hospital : Model - community care : Model - self-care?
Scope of disciplines
Scope of nursing... (draft paper)
Scope of footprints
Scope of transformation?

Additional link:
NHS England (March 2016) Sustainability and Transformation Plan footprints, Ref: 04902.

My source: 
Dunhill, L. (2016) Carter: be masters of your fate, Health Service Journal, 10 February, 126: 6475, 10-11.

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