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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WHO - IntegratedCare4People web platform

Dear All,

During the Sixty-ninth World Health Assembly, WHO Member States officially discussed the Framework on integrated people-centred health services and its draft resolution.


During a high-level side event at the Assembly, on Friday 27 May 2016, WHO and its Collaborating Centre, the Andalusian School for Public Health, officially launched the IntegratedCare4People web platform. http://www.integratedcare4people.org/

This platform brings together knowledge, information and a global network of people and organizations working towards the goal of integrated people-centred health services for all. Information is organized in a repository of resources, communities of practice and a practices database where technical insights and the operational know-how of health service delivery transformations are shared. The web platform for IntegratedCare4People is a collaborative platform and you are all very welcome to share your resources, your practices and to participate in the communities of practice.

We look forward to collaborating in building a truly global virtual network for change towards integrated people-centred health services.

All my best regards.

Mrs Isabelle Wachsmuth (MSc, MPH)
Project manager
Health Innovation & System (HIS)
Service Delivery & Safety (SDS)
Moderator of Global Francophone Forum - Health Information For All (HIFA-Fr)

World Health Organization
Avenue appia 20 CH-1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland
My source:
HIFA: Healthcare Information For All: www.hifa2015.org

HIFA Voices database: www.hifavoices.org

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