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Monday, June 19, 2017

Health Inequality: TB, Trauma and Technology - c/o BBC Radio 4

One of the joys of working in the community is that while travelling I can often catch the radio. Being on a 10-6 today I was even better placed to listen to 'Start the Week'. Even though there's the web iPlayer ... sometimes maybe it's a case of real time - real thinking...

It is a very engaging conversation that - as I listened - spoke directly to Hodges' model: but I would say that (not sure about the real thinking though..!).

BBC Radio 4 Start the Week (19 June 2017) Health Inequality: TB, Trauma and Technology

BBC Radio 4 Start the Week:

In reference to a book there is mention of organisational justice, which I will add to the post on the Grenfell Tower disaster.

I've a related post to follow after midnight UK on social determinants of health. Thank you for your ongoing interest.

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