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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

World Mental Health Day: Using Hodges' model to anticipate...

.... a Person's reaction to Respite Care

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic
cognitive problems - usual routine
prior visits - positive experience
personal space
person-centred approach - listened to, acknowledged, afforded dignity and respect
able to 'exercise' choice even if a struggle
non-verbal communication
mood, withdrawal, behaviour change
facial appearance, voices (unconscious?) reminder of friend or foe from distant past?
staff knowledge of person - likes / dislikes - favoured activities, distractions
personal care preferences
recognising distress, anxiety
sleep pattern disturbance
ambiance - atmosphere
noise, smell
sense of constructive activities
impact of visual cues, case, travel bag, coat..
impact of infections
ventilation, draughts
variety of spaces, large, small, able to gravitate towards preferred places
places to wander
access to garden
territory "That's my chair!"
comfort, chair, bed, pillows...
belongings, valuables (avoid)
assessment at client's own home
personal-social history
degree of dependency
negotiating goodbyes, hellos
personalities of care staff, other residents
clash of personalities
or developing attachments, other resident mistaken for spouse?
life experience, forces,
disinhibition at various levels, invading someone's personal space, taking their things, touching them, 'surprising' them
to visit or not - friends other family?
cost of care - time away from home?
contingency plans (contacts) if agitated,
acutely distressed, aggression
diversity - residents and staff
mental capacity
deprivation of liberty
locked doors
observation 24 hour checks -
(expect the unexpected)
staff uniform or non-uniform
the political ambiance - homely, cold - impersonal, formal
community nurse follow-up -
alt assessment environment
authoritarian - fixed routine
'house rules'
cost of care - funding?

World Mental Health Day