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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Healthcare: One Story - Several Voices - if Heard?

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic

1st PERSON here

'Me' 'I' - my dialogue

'Me' - a PERSON - as Narrator

Psychiatrist... as Narrator?

and ... 1st PERSON here

perspective, point of view

Physician... as Narrator?

Case Study as Narrator

'We' as Narrator 1st PERSON

'You' 2nd Person

'He' or 'She' as Narrator -

Carer / Relative as 1st or 2nd PERSON

NHS as Narrator - The Clinical Record

Commissioner - Insurer as Publisher?

Dept of Health as Narrator

Governments as Publishers 
(What chance of an 'advance')?

"The person narrating the story influences the amount of information you, the reader obtains."

When governments do not fund healthcare the stories that truly count go untold. As carers and families know too well, there is never just one story in healthcare but several.