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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Focus on Theory - wither the website (gulp)

"A subtler effect of ego is one that doesn't threaten reputation so much as how you prioritize what is important. The threat is based on a sense that your opinion, approach, and perspective are the only ones with merit. While arrogance is one outcome of these elements, a much subtler risk that can bubble to the surface is becoming too focused on theory.

Unfortunately, some folks have something of a love affair with theory. Many of these people write extensive blog entries, give very generic (though well-meaning) presentations, and often seem to think that their primary role is to impart knowledge to others and sound as wildly academic as possible. But there is no secret ingredient in growing community. What makes a great community leader is experience: trying new ideas and concepts and learning from the successes and mistakes." p.17.

Bacon, J. 2012. The Art of Community, Building the New Age of Participation (2nd ed.)  CA, O'Reilly. (1st edition)