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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

i A new Health Index for England: the Chief Medical Officer's 2018 annual report


My comments are italicised below ...

humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
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"... explores emerging technologies and their potential impact on health promotion, protection and treatment. This section concludes by discussing the ethics of big data, emerging technologies and the fundamental role of mutual trust between the public and health institutions."

Some individual users of social media platforms are learning the hard way, that they are the product. The effectiveness of technology depends upon user-testing and attending to the user-interface and ultimately deploying a socio-technical approach.

"The first section identifies health as one of England’s primary assets through analysing the links between health and the economy, the local health environment, social health and how the maintenance and treatment of health could be experienced in 2040."

Tangible assets are by definition readily identified. Much data gathering is focussed here: events, contacts, referrals and sessions ... Healthcare systems and health systems can be described, economics studied and quantified. Additional perspectives can and must be integrated from the experience of individuals and society as a whole (more subjective considerations). 'Here' things are described objectively as far as possible (until disproven). On this future policy can be based ...
"... identifies the potential health gains and reduction in health inequalities that could be possible with a ‘prevention first’ approach."

The effects of a 'prevention first' approach may be small initially, but it is here in society as a whole where inequalities are experienced and witnessed that the benefits will be felt.

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"... explores current and future uncertainties in health and identifying the potential of futures thinking methods to inform and ‘future-proof’ health policy." Chap 1, p.2.

There are problems that demand cross-party and long-term political sustained approaches to policy if progress is to be assured.

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Davies, S.C. Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer, 2018, Health 2040 Better Health Within Reach. London: Department of Health and Social Care, 2018.

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