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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Butt up against the Boxes...?

humanistic --------------------------------------- mechanistic



Hodges' model may seem to suggest (as above) that its purpose is to help categorise and put things - concepts - into boxes. While this is true, the model's primary purpose is to support users (and especially learners) to 'see' and reflect upon the (disciplinary) scope of what is being paid attention to and what is not. Ultimately, as we organise our thinking, we can collapse this series of boxes into what will hopefully be a meaningful whole. If this scoping is also conceptual, then the model's two axes also serve to denote implicitly the many oppositions - dichotomies that must also be negotiated (one way or another). This does not represent an appeal to, or for conceptual or information overload. Quite the contrary. We may acknowledge that uncertainties remain, information is missing. It is meaning that counts. What is salient. Meaningful as pertains to the specific context or situation at the time and the sharing of this meaning.

Image: Sisifo rassegnato/Sisyphus Resigned (1983) Copper engraving, 109 x 161 mm

My source: Cuttings, Obituary Jürgen Czaschka (1943-2018), Printmaking Today, Autumn 2018, p.19.