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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Q. "How can Technology Save the NHS?"

A. It can't - on its own.

Image: Sept 18 2018 The Times Tech Summit Supplement

"On 20th October 2008 50 members of the UK Faculty of Health Informatics attended a master class entitled: "10% Technology 90% Business change - Maximising the added value of new technology for the NHS."

"At the event itself, and afterwards using a post-event wiki, members tried to address the question of: What should be done to make, what is often called a "sociotechnical" or "user-centred" approach to the delivery of technology projects the norm in Health and Social Care?"

UK Faculty of Health Informatics.(2008) 10% technology, 90% business change; maximising the added value of new technologies for the NHS. Discussion Paper, NHS, London.

A. Anyway, if by 'save' you really mean 'save' then pay and support the necessary staff first then consider the 'technology': socio-technically.