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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Books, Papers and Conferences ...

At present I'm reviewing a paper for a journal on an education topic - nearly complete.

Communication Skills
for Effective Dementia Care

I'm five chapters into the ten chapter book -

Communication Skills for Effective Dementia Care

A Practical Guide to Communication and Interaction Training (CAIT)

- this is for a journal so it will be a 'review'.



800 words, or thereabouts are needed on Hodges' model and its utility in reflecting, deliberating and comprehending the environment and climate change. I have some notes already. 

Mathematics and Art: A Cultural History

Yesterday I had to visit a neighbour. A card for an undelivered item: a parcel. 

What could this be? 

It was quite a big box. 576 pages worth to be exact and a larger format book 9.5 x 12 in that instantly shouted 'quality'.

The book is not new, but is lovely to discover ... 

In my message to the publisher I highlighted my non-mathematical status, but great interest in topics within mathematics and the disciplinary bridges from maths - physics; sciences and humanities and of course mathematics and art.

I'm really grateful (especially to Princeton University Press) to receive both these books.

The dementia care title will also help me complete the two-part paper on Hodges' model, deprivation of liberty and threshold concepts. There are so many strategies and techniques outlined for carers both formal and informal. In July reading this book will also assist with a presentation at the Threshold Concepts conference.

Now well into the new year - the revisions to the paper on the SDGs and Hodges' model is also a priority.

To manage time I've put twitter down, but clearly with the above some tweets will follow in due course.

Then finally it will also be time to leave this blog alone for a time - well fewer posts at least ...