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Monday, March 01, 2021

Hodges' model: What is the Question? (i)

humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
Can Hodges' model assist student nurses in assessment and  evaluation of their well-being through their course of study?

What sort of 'spaces' do we find in Hodges' model and do they matter or meta?

What is Hodges' model?

Is there a theory implicit in Hodges' model?

What theories might underpin this 'model'?

The Demarcation problem: Hodges' model - is this science or non-science?
Does Hodges' model display consistency when used within a specific cohort of students and across disciplinary student groups?

What is a 'span' and 'career' in the 21st century, and why do they matter to the individual and group?

Created in the 1980s is there a political need for Hodges' model in the 2020s?

What are 'legacy' problems in healthcare and nursing, and how can Hodges' model characterise them?


Prompted by post-graduate study and avoiding reference to methods and/or methodology, plus:


Over many years, many questions have arisen.

Resnik, David B. A pragmatic approach to the demarcation problem. Stud. Hist. Phil. Sci., 2000, 31: 2, 249-267.