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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Serres - Hodges Paper

Amid the festive yuletide I am completing the Serres-Hodges paper for possible publication next year as a book chapter. (The web version is now rather out-of-date, but highlights the direction of travel.) Almost finished @ 6,999 words - although it's scary the things you (still - argh!) keep finding to revise, delete and add, plus some last minute and yet much appreciated comments that highlight the things authors miss completely. So, when is a paper 'finished'?

Well finished this one will be, as the deadline is the 31st December. Plus I must move on... I plan to e-mail the text tomorrow and then fingers x'd! If the paper is accepted it would be a great start to 2007.

My return to clinical practice one day per week has been postponed until March, but more on that another time. Speaking of which - I feel another post coming on as everyone's out buying boxes...

All the best for the Season and the New Year!

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