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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What are you - mathematician, book-reader or book-reading clock-watcher?

Sometimes you don't realise you are on a long-term cherry-picking escapade. I say escapade because this captures the rather haphazard, accidental and part-time nature of my fruit gathering.

In 1992 in the Engineering Computing Newsletter [SERC] Science and Engineering Research Council's EASE programme #38 p.4-5 Michael McCabe asked readers How would you label the quadrants of this diagram? - "How would you label the quadrants of this diagram?"

I cannot find the brief article "Human Factors Aspects of User Interfaces Design" on the web, but I kept the original. It obviously meant something to me, McCabe shows why...

As a mathematician you might choose - from top left clockwise 2,1,4,3

A clock-watcher - from top left 4,1,2,3

from top left 1,2,4,3 - for a book-reader.

And a book-reading clockwatcher - from top left 1,2,3,4

So, how would you label Hodges' model and does this say anything about how you would populate and read the model?

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