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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Journeys of work and socio-technical kinds

It has been a very busy and taxing week with preparation for a job interview on Thursday. On this occasion I did very well with the presentation, but I really need to get myself sorted when it comes to anticipating and answering the questions....

Note to self: How many times!!! Read the job & person spec Dopey! You don't have to empathise (even if it helps) you're not@work - you're seeking work - be ready to answer the questions.

Interview panels need more, much more - so next time... As it happens I understand that no appointment was made. Although very disappointed I learned an awful lot*. There may be news of another opportunity this week, which would actually be a preparatory step along where I believe I am heading....? Fingers x'd anyway. I'm really looking forward to next time: with both eyes wide open.

14 May I received feedback on the socio-technical chapter proposal, but until now I've not had time to take a peek (nerves too!). It seems the editors and publishers consider the draft 'definitely publishable' which is another great step forward. One negative comment highlighted the fact that the introduction to Hodges' model has been published previously. This introduction does work - it is history. I will acknowledge this in the text and the references. The need to produce new introductory material is (still) on my to-do-list. If you would like to add this to your td-list please let me know.

After the interview I visited Tate Modern (which closed at 6pm sadly) and the National Portrait Gallery - which reminded me of the draft scripts still awaiting mic's attention (apparently podcast 1 with notes, summary slides and questions has been downloaded 345 times).

I'm making the required changes to the chapter (deadline 6th June), then I can think about the next effort. Already raised on W2tQ case formulation is one possibility with some notes and references gathered. This week's experience made me wonder about the way terms like e-Health, telehealth and telecare are defined and the very fact of their being defined. ...

Just to note also - the BCS magazine 'ITNow' features ethics within ICT and includes a short but interesting item on caring systems.

This weekend I'll also try and post an update on my Drupal efforts.

Best wishes Discovery!

*Aim to prove that one of these days... ;-)