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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Drupal update and Drupalcon August Szeged

A piece of paper and a pencil. That's a great place to start. ...

I haven't said much about the 'new' website recently. Perhaps that is because I don't want Drupal CMS to look like it is somehow lacking. On the contrary Drupal is still exactly where the sweet spot can be found. It's possible to create a website very quickly using Drupal, the delay lies entirely with me and my penchant for learning by distraction and doing so on a part-time basis.

So in terms of news where are things up to? Well, I've explored Drupal 4.7, 5 and now 6.2. This constant need to update/upgrade or not is a challenge in itself. Drupal 6 is still lacking some key bits and pieces, but as a virginal Drupe I can afford to look to Drupal 6 and even anticipate version 7.

Regular readers here know I've ported over some of the static pages from the 'old' site:

  • Brian's original notes I & II
  • My initial introduction to Hodges' model and the site
On the old site I never got to grips with CSS (style sheets) so part of the problem at present is that I'm playing catch-up. In addition Drupal provides some core themes that give your web site a particular look and feel straight out of the box so to speak. There are many other themes to choose from; once Drupal is installed just simply download and enable. You can also roll your own. The same applies to modules which as the name suggests are a means to extend and enhance Drupal's functionality. As mentioned ages ago I fell in love with the Denver theme, but this isn't available for version 6 as yet. Trying Salamander I have arrived at Framework which is one of a group of base themes suited for use as a foundation for theme development.

So I'm learning Drupal and CSS with the addition of jQuery - a javascript library. The static pages have a forum (just two questions), several users and a book outline for company and are styled using drop capitals on the opening section paragraphs, discrete striping for tables and a specific treatment for quotations. Reading the Pro Drupal book on the form API and creating an example, I'd actually been wondering how to put two forms side x side. Reading a CSS book it suggested that if possible reduce the number of DIVs used on a web page. What to do...? Reading the Pro Drupal themes chapter (again) I realised what an idiot I am. It is that simple: use DIVs and float them this way or that. So I must give this try and the Content Construction Kit, Views, Panels and the more generic Drupal property of regions.

I'm still really itching to get back to Ruby & Rails and the benefits of immersing yourself in something like Scotland on Rails are quite obvious.

So I'm going to see if - funds permitting - I can get to Drupalcon 2008 in Szeged this August. There may be a group of us from Manchester heading that way. Any sponsors welcome and much appreciated!