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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Holistic Care: Squaring the Wheel of Disciplinary Domains

Over the past two years on W2tQ, I've defined h2cm in several ways, covering the model's axes and care domains, houses and sailing....

In January (2008) a dialogue was posted with Barbara Rylko-Bauer who shared some very helpful thoughts and suggestions on the model's name and the incorporation of culture and economics into the title of the respective SOCIOLOGY and POLITICAL care domains.

Thinking around this and my still limited (frustrated) reading of Michel Serres' and others I realised that the axes can be replaced with hyphens. This subtraction results in an interesting addition to the model's structure, perceived and potential content (domains).

Around the time the links page content were justified (or not) I also posted about the INTERPERSONAL domain and how this domain is more accurately described as the INTRAPERSONAL. That particular point was about a domain, but Barbara's point invited much more. Four hyphens certainly don't deliver, but the focus here has shifted:

the scope is not 90° but 180°

The hyphen forces contemplation of two domains and the axis in-between. See what you think:

Although hardly novel to geographers and those of a political bent 'PHYSIO-POLITICAL' is perhaps the most unfamiliar of these terms to people in health and social care - outside of public (mental) health - about which more to follow. ...

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