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Monday, June 02, 2008

a Book? and DSLs on Weds night

On Wednesday night I plan to attend -

ThoughtWorks GeekNight Manchester - The 5 Ws of DSLs:

Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) have been around for a very long time; however, the past 2 years have brought a resurgence of interest to the topic. DSLs are a great idea, but they are the most beneficial when used appropriately. This talk will discuss who DSLs are designed to help, what is a DSL, when you should create a DSL, where you should apply DSLs, why DSLs are important, and how to get started with DSLs. We will begin at the introduction level, almost no previous knowledge of DSLs is necessary.
The other week I received an e-mail with a proposal: a future book and a role acting as an editor. The theme would extend the book chapter on Hodges' model, Michel Serres and (for me) would include conceptual frameworks for global health. I approached a few publishers about this global health aspect about 18 months ago. What other actual and potential tools are out there? What cognitive and practical tools could Africa, South American, Australasia and Asia ... bring to the table?

This is a ways off yet, which is why I need to know more, but needless to say I am definitely interested. It's a big responsibility (and here is me without any formal PRINCE-X training). I do enjoy reviewing and critically appraising documents and this could be a truly marvellous collaborative project.