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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

That other 2nd-hand book - 'Conceptual Spaces'

Conceptual Spaces, Gardenfors, Book coverIn February I posted about a day in Sedbergh the book town with marvellous weather for the time of year.

In addition to the The Big Book of Concepts book, I bought a copy of Peter Gärdenfors' Conceptual Spaces. Oh, to be able to take a measured and systematic approach to this....!

I'm only just up to chapter 3 and it's a fascinating book. The ideas make this a key reference for anyone studying Hodges' model (and much more besides).

The preface sums up much about some of the problems researching* Hodges' model:

"... I will satisfy no one. Philosophers will complain that my arguments are weak; psychologists will point to a wealth of evidence about concept formation that I have not accounted for; linguists will indict me for glossing over the intricacies of language in my analysis of semantics; and computer scientists will ridicule me for not developing algorithms for the various processes that I describe."
The subtitle - The Geometry of Thought - says it all. There are so many key concepts here. I'm looking forward to chasing the references cited and other works. I don't vandalise books usually, but hey it's summer almost and the highlighter is doing its thing. The questions run thick and fast....
  • Is Hodges' model one conceptual space or four...?
  • What quality dimensions can I identify?
  • What quality dimensions could a h2cm community identify?
  • What existing multidimensional scaling work exists in health and social care?
  • ....?
More to follow...

*or at least trying to research...